Biden Starts Screaming Uncontrollably During Maryland Speech (Video)

MSN  15th Sep 2023

President Joe Biden delivered remarks on the economy in Maryland today with Democrat Maryland Governor Wes Moore. During his speech,

Biden made an odd remark about Moore, stating, “Gov, my problem is your biceps are a little small.”

See a clip of that moment from Biden’s speech in Maryland today below…

During another portion of Biden’s speech, the President began violently shouting, screaming at the top of his lungs as a vein appeared on his forehead. Biden seemed to lose his cool. He can be quoted as shouting, “Same exact drug, made by the same exact company!”

The screaming seemed to come out of nowhere, and drew an audible gasp from the audience. See a clip of that bizarre moment below…

Biden screamed during another portion of his speech, saying, “Name me one objective America has set that they haven’t been able to accomplish if we work together. NAME ONE!”